5 Ways to Make Great Espresso Cocktails at Home...

...Without an Espresso Machine

Not everyone has an espresso machine at home—that doesn’t mean you still can’t make a fantastic espresso cocktail.

01. The Picopresso, Minipresso, and Nanopresso from Wacaco

Wacaco’s portable espresso machines are affordable, easy to use, and a fun way to make espresso at home.


02. Home Pod Espresso Machines

You won’t be able to use your own coffee, but you can still make a great espresso martini. A Nespresso machine will be your best bet here. Avoid machines that brew without pressure like the Keurig, which will only serve to make you a mediocre cup of drip coffee. 


03. Aeropress with Prismo Attachment

With the Prismo attachment from Fellow you can use an Aeropress to get a decent espresso alternative at home.




04. Strong AF Aeropress

By tweaking a few variables your simple Aeropress can turn out a surprisingly strong espresso alternative. In our testing we could hardly taste the difference between an espresso martini made from the Aeropress, and one from a freshly pulled espresso shot. 

Try this simple recipe:

1. Start with a large dose of finely ground coffee, at least 20 grams.
2. Add 60 grams of water and let steep for 2.5 minutes. 
3. Extract into a metal tumbler, and let chill to room temperature.



    05. Cold brew concentrate and strong brewed coffee

    Hey it’s better than nothing right?